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The purpose of this area is to give you information you may need to fully enjoy the pages which follow. Because...there are some things you need to know for the sight to work correctly. AND, all those nice people that did things to make these pages possible deserve credit (individual credits for specific art is found on the actual page). Programs used for these pages include:

Paint Shop Pro 5, Blade Pro, Arachnophilia,
and AOLPress.
Some images from:
Broderbund Christian Graphics

Unless otherwise specified, all backgrounds, buttons, other graphics and animation by AmeriYank using the programs above
and artwork of others, with permission. Please DO NOT take the work on these pages. If you wish to use graphics or animation by AmeriYank, please visit AmeriYank's Graphic's Farm

For clothing and gifts, please visit AmeriYank's AmeriWear

If you are an AOL user, please read this.if not, ignore!
I have used some applets on my pages. If you use AOL, you need toUNcompress your graphics.
Go to "My AOL".Then "Preferences". Then "WWW".When the screen with
the tabs comes up, click the tab that says "Web Graphics" and make sure thebox in front of the words that say "use
compressed graphics" is NOT checked.If it is, click on the box and the check
mark should dissappear.


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