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The purpose of this page is to give you information you may need to fully enjoy the pages which follow. In other words, this page is MAJOR BORING...but, it is still necessary, because...there are some things you need to know for the site to work correctly.

I use some animated backgrounds on these pages. This may give some of the pages a long download time. Please be patient. The download time is a drag, but the animation is fun!!!

A word to the wise...

There pages were written to be humourous/humorous. If they don't make you laugh, or tug at your heart, then I failed in my mission. Still, if that be the case, I most cordially invite you to surf elsewhere. Nothing here is intended to offend. It's just a story, I made up for fun.

This site is in story form. If you skip pages, you may not be able to follow the storyline.

If you are an AOL user, please read this. If not, scroll past.
I have used some applets on my pages. If you use AOL, you need to UNcompress your graphics.
Go to "My AOL". Then "Preferences". Then "WWW".
When the screen with the tabs comes up, click the tab that says "Web Graphics" and make sure the box in front of the words that say "use compressed graphics" is NOT checked. If it is, click on the box and the check mark should dissappear.


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to make these pages possible deserve credit
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Unless otherwise specified, all backgrounds, buttons, other graphics and animation by
AmeriYank using the programs mentioned below and artwork of others, with permission.

If you wish to use graphics or animation by AmeriYank,
please visit AmeriYank's Graphic's Farm

Programs used for these pages include:
Paint Shop Pro 5, Blade Pro, and AOLPress.

Shamrocks for background by Coffee Pam

Story and graphics 1999-2000, Mary Morris/AmeriYank. All rights reserved.

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